Words For The Wise (ENG)

Words For The Wise (ENG)

Plain and simply, an advice show. With Joe Garland, Kai Mertig & Didi Apfel.

WHEN: Monday 7:30 - 8:30 pm

If you're in a difficult place in your life, whether it’s dating, relationships, university, work, school, home or just any awkward state you’ve found yourself in, then write to us and we’ll do our best to give our guidance, or at least what we would do in that situation.

No problem is too small, so if you have a question you want answered or advice on a problem, then let us know. We take things seriously, but we also appreciate light and fun queries too. We're not experts on anything, just three people in a room and we'll do our best to find a solution to your conundrum.

We can’t guarantee your question will make the show, as we will answer what we believe we'll have the best chance of solving. The e-mail is wftwshow@gmail.com

Thanks, danke and grazie from Joe, Kai and Didi.

Joe Garland: Hailing from Australia, Joe has found Berlin as his new home, after living in the U.K and Italy for several years. Currently working for an advertising agency in Kreuzberg and writing for www.berlinlovesyou.com, Joe studied journalism and photography in Liverpool, UK. His hobbies and interests are basketball, drinking coffee and walking around Berlin taking photos. Previously hosting a music podcast and writing for www.soundspheremag.com, he is a huge fan of podcasts If I Were You, The Complete Guide to Everything and Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend and music such as Underoath, Bastille and Two Door Cinema Club.

Kai Mertig: Native from the wooden backwaters of East Germany, Kai took a more than indirect path from the Oak Mountains to the city of Berlin. After working for cultural programs in Brussels, he studied Creative Writing at an Art School in Leipzig, where he finished his first novel in August this summer. He is currently working for an advertising agency in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Kai loves to talk to strangers, especially in the U-Bahn or one of the hundreds of Cafes within the city. Previously hosting several literature projects, he is a co-founder and editor of the German literary journal »wortwuchs«. In addition he worked for Arti-Leipzig, a cultural online magazine concentrated on art, literature and regional fashion.

Didi Apfel: She could be Theatral perfromer and dancer, a bestseller novelist and a top model. She could be any of these but she's not. Not even a fashion blogger since she snobs smart phones. Instead of getting back to her native village where the Dolomites begins, after graduating in Iternational Relation, she moved to Berlin to find the meaning of life or at least some good parties. The party is still ongoing after two years.

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