► BRI #1 SHOW – 2014 (21st of May)

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01 January 1970
► BRI #1 SHOW – 2014 (21st of May)
01 January 1970 |

In this epiosode we are talking about travel, how much Berlin is bikers friedly (and how many bicycles got stole in 2013 in Berlin), the new anti-Airbnb law, rent increase from 2008 and finally european elections and the Tempelhof referendum (both will take place on the same day, 25th of May).

Guests of the day are Alessandro Raffaelli from Italy and Adam Groffman from USA, that has a travel blog Travelsofadam.com
SONGS: #1 Asaf Avidan – One Day Reckoning Song #2 Anna F. – Too Far #3 Red Hot Chili Peppers – Easily #4 Artic Monkey – Do I Wanna Know #5 Arcade Fire – Afterlife