Wild Strawberry’s Favorite Tapes (ENG)

Wild Strawberry’s Favorite Tapes (ENG)

Music for savage berries. With Taryn McGovern.

WHEN: Wednesday 5:00 - 6:00 pm

I caught a wild strawberry once, and now I keep it at home. Mostly it's been tamed but sometimes it still pees the bed and growls at guests. And it only eats raw cassette tapes. I've tried everything to make it try lettuce or something, but to no avail. It hunts down and masticates my favorites tapes, even when I try and hide them. But once I realized that we have the same tastes in music, I started bringing it along when I'm searching for new stuff. As soon as it starts squeaking with excitement I grab the tape from its jaws and copy it before the little beast can munch, then broadcast.

Taryn McGovern: Hej, I'm Taryn, I'm from the forest. I like wearing a red hat and making things. You can try and find me in some park or studio, but most likely I just left to go on an adventure.

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