KulturKaschemme (GER)

KulturKaschemme (GER)

A fresh mix of music, culture and curiosities. With Jan Peter Sky & David Jansen.

WHEN: Wednesday 8:30 - 9:30 pm

Presented by Jan Peter Sky and David Jansen, especially for German and future German listeners.

Jan Peter Sky graduated in Communications from Heidelberg University and since then has been working as a freelance writer. Plus, he plays the trombone in several bands. Jan loves literature, music and hanging out in the Freibad.

David Jansen graduated from Heidelberg University to become a primary school teacher. He works in an alternative free school in Berlin. Besides that, he likes listening to different styles of music as well as playing music himself; as Singer/Songwriter Jan Davidsson he has been playing many gigs in Berlin and other cities in Germany.

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