The weekly appointment with literature, music and creativity. With Mauricio Almanzor & El Trasegante.

WHEN: Thursday 5:00 - 6:00 pm

Verbo al Sur is a meeting point to talk about literature and musical culture in Spanish language. A transatlantic bridge between cultures of America and Europe. Here you will find several interesting discussions about literary and music news. Cosmopolitan and provincial interviews and guests of honor, celestial and infernal music, what the street silent and what the shadows hide. Let El Trasegante and the High Chancellor Almanzor take you along the routes of the imagination, letters and the sound of two worlds.

Mauricio Almanzor: graduate in Philosophy and Music, the Chilean waste his time wandering around like a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde on Berlin´s streets at the beginning of this century: by day reading and writing about politics, poetry and cheap philosophy, and at the night he coming up at different stages showing his varied musical projects. Mr. Almanzor firmly believes that the earth isn't round and the nights are sadly always too brief.

El Trasegante (The Switch-Around-Guy): Born on a cold plain embedded in the Andean highlands, the turns of fate have led him to a migration of insatiable beast that began in Colombia, with stays in Spain to get finally to Berlin, where he currently serves as a student of life and love. Philologist professional, poet by vocation, like a lost Karamazov in the XXI century, El Trasegante is consecrated to universal knowledge, to laughter and to find the utopia-land.

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